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Adult Classes

2.5 NTRP

A class for those brand new to tennis. Learn the basic strokes, scoring, rallying, and the rules of tennis to be ready for a casual hit with friends, family, or in a recreational league! These players have had limited exposure to tennis, but are ready to give it a try.

Adult Advanced
3.0 NTRP

For those who have come through the Beginner class, or know the basics, but are looking for more supervised repetition. These players can start rallies with a serve and return, and know how to score and play points, but are still working on their rally control.




3.0-3.5 NTRP

A class for recreational league players who are comfortable with the basics. Fine-tune specific strokes, develop better shot selection, and learn effective match strategy. This class has some instruction, but is mainly focused on exposing players to point play situations.

3.5+ NTRP

Our most advanced drill group for players who have several years of experience in competitive club or USTA leagues. Learn to produce better spin on groundstrokes and serves, find and exploit weaknesses in opponents, and play high-percentage shots. 

Adult Tennis: Memberships

Adult League Opportunities

Men's Doubles Leagues

3.5 Level

Sr Men ( Mo, We, Fr, Sa 730a

Woods ( Tu 830p

Jeter ( Mo 7p*

4.0 Level

Woods ( Mo 830p*

Contact the league coordinator for more info

Women's Doubles Leagues

3.0-3.5 Level

Williams ( Th 7p*

Woods ( We 930a

4.0-4.5 Level

Woods (

Mo, Tu 930a; We 7p*

Contact the league coordinator for more info

*only Sep through April, no league in the summer

Mixed Doubles Leagues

We're currently in the planning phase for

Mixed Doubles Leagues. Check back for updates.

Click here to request more information about our leagues.

Self-Organized Tennis

Want to meet new players?

Are you ready to set up some matches on your own?

Click here to add your name to our list and find new players to set up matches with.

​Looking for more options? Visit to learn about their flex league play.  

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